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Patients will lie or sit on an exam table, also called a "gantry". The technologist will ask patients to breathe normally and remain still throughout the exam. Patients will hear a faint knocking sound, which represents the change in magnetic field. Nothing about the procedure should make patients feel uncomfortable. In some cases, patients are given a "contrast agent" to enhance their MRI images. This agent is given intravenously. Should a patient's physician require a contrast-enhanced examination, there are no extra precautions for the patient. However, patients that are pregnant, breast feeding, or have a history of sickle-cell disease should inform the technologist before he or she gives them any contrast agents. Patients should consult their doctors if they have any concerns. During the exam, The Imaging Centers MRI technologist will observe the patient at all times. An intercom system is built into the imaging system so that patients can communicate with the technologist throughout the exam. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations can take thirty minutes or longer, depending on the scope of the study. Metal objects are dangerous in the examination room, due to the MRI scanner's metallic field. The Imaging Centers asks that patients leave the following items in a safe place outside the MRI room: