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Philips 1.5 Achieva

The Philips Achieva 1.5T MR system combines ultra-compact design with high-field power. With it, you can see soft tissue and small features in real time, all with a high level of patient comfort. It's the most versatile, whole body diagnostic tool available. Acheiva is specifically designed to enhance patient comfort by virtue of a spacious patient aperture. This effectively eliminates claustrophobic effects and guarantees excellent patient access, provided by a combination of a wide flaring bore, with the shortest straight-bore length in the industry. Patients will appreciate the quicker exams in a system designed to help them feel more comfortable and less claustrophobic. Achieva system's ultra-compact, patient-friendly environment also affords un-compromised large and offset FOV imaging. The High SNR body coil permits large FOV imaging without surface coils, reducing setup time and facilitating easy run-off studies.